Employee of the Month

Every month one of our therapists is recognized as employee of the month. Check them out below!

ABC Therapy Employee of The Month – October

October Employee of the Month: Caryn Brasseur Caryn Brasseur is this month's employee of the month! Since returning from maternity leave in April, Caryn has quickly gone from being part-time to a full-time manager. She has gone above and beyond setting up new clients, helping out at the clinic, and training new team members. Caryn does an amazing job balancing work and two children under the age of 3. Thank you for everything you do Caryn we truly appreciate your hard work! 

Employee of the Month – September

Tiffany Mitchell is This Month's Employee of the Month!  On top of being a new mother (again) and navigating the thicket of PTA treasurer demands, Tiffany Mitchell is heading up a very important project for ABC. Tiffany is in charge of getting ABC accredited with the BHCOE as a top tier level behavioral health care provider. From her contributions to the aesthetics at our newly opened clinic in Plainfield to her dedication to the children that receive services here, ABC owes a gigantic thank you to someone who can do it all. Thank you Tiffany! 

Employee of the Month- August

Joelle Rappelt is ABC's Employee of the Month! Joelle has a positive personality that makes sessions fun and exciting. She has done an amazing job with integrating self- help and desensitization programs, she is always communicating with her manager, learning new clinical skills on the job, and the families she works for truly enjoy her company. In addition, she has adapted quickly to learning how to create tasks analysis to teach a new skill to a child in a way that is easy for them. She has been a wonderful addition to our ABC team.

Employee of the Month – July

Courtney Tirado is ABC's Employee of the Month! Courtney is new to ABC, but has quickly become an asset to our team. She communicates well with her supervisors, takes feedback well, and has a great relationship with her client. She is eager to learn and is continuing to develop ABA skills. She is fun, energetic and we are so lucky to have her as part of the ABC team.

Employee of the Month – June

Cynthia Vazquez is ABC's Employee of the Month! Cynthia is new to ABC and has shown so much enthusiasm and love for her job. She has caught onto ABA quickly and is a huge asset to her team. She does an impeccable job implementing behavior intervention plans, motivating the clients, and keeping therapy fun. Cynthia has a bright future in this field. ABC is lucky to have her! 

Employee of the Month – March

ABC's Therapists of the Month! This month, we have two employees to honor for employee of the month! Carlie-Ann Reed has been handling challenging behavior effectively and efficiently. She has been carrying out the necessary protocols to increase the likelihood of the desired outcomes. Carlie-Ann is organized and keeps her clients programs up to date. Both parents and managers are pleased with Carlie-Ann’s performance and dedication to ABC and the clients she works with. Tiffany Czochara has gone above and beyond the expectations of a substitute therapist, ensuring our clients are receiving the maximum number of therapy hours allotted each week. Tiffany reaches out to the team managers whenever she has additional availability and has taken on the responsibilities of a team lead for one of our clients. ABC is lucky to have Tiffany who is versatile enough to adapt to each client and their individualized needs.