Employee of the Month

Every month one of our therapists is recognized as employee of the month. Check them out below!

August’s Employee of the Month

Perla is August’s employee of the month! Perla has been a tremendous help to ABC. She has been covering sessions with multiple clients all summer. She went above and beyond by going to our clinic to drop off materials for another therapist to run session effectively. She communicates well with her managers and reaches out whenever she needs guidance. Thank you for always putting the kids first and helping out wherever you can, Perla!

July’s Employee of the Month

Nina Koehler is July’s employee of the month! Nina Koehler is July’s employee of the month! She is a jack of all trades who has been a dedicated team member for the last five years. She has excelled in the leadership role of Business Manager and BCBA. Nina is passionate about effectively serving ABC’s clients, cultivating meaningful relationships with families & staff, and advocating for those who don’t have a voice. We are proud to call her a colleague and friend!

June’s Employee of the Month

Emmaline Rogers Is June's Employee of the Month! Emmaline has been an RBT for Applied Behavioral Consulting for 8 months now. In that relatively short time, she has shown herself to be passionate, reliable and deeply interested in the Behavior Analysis field. This was most definitely not part of her original plan; however, in a short period of time she has taken to and dedicated herself to ABA and the clients she serves. She recently enrolled in graduate school to begin her education to become a BCBA herself. In her initial supervision periods, she has shown herself to be prepared, insightful and dedicated to her studies. We here at ABC wish her great luck in her studies and we look forward to growth with ABC.

May’s Employee of the Month

Nicole Miceli Is May's Employee of the Month! Nicole is hard-working, enthusiastic and determined. She consistently communicates with both her team managers and client families. She has been doing an amazing job training new employees. She is a versatile employee as she is always willing to jump in and help whenever needed. Overall, ABC is lucky to have Nicole as an RBT and a team leader.

April’s Employee of the Month

Nichole Mueller Is April's Employee of the Month! Nichole is April’s employee of the month! Nichole is our Clinical Director at our Plainfield clinic. Her leadership, positivity and dedication are a few of the key qualities which have made our new clinic such a welcoming, safe and organized space for our families. Nichole has cultivated a culture and environment which has positively affected both our employees and most importantly our clients. ABC appreciates Nichole’s constant efforts in maintaining and exceeding the quality of services we provide to our families on a daily basis. Congrats to Nichole on a well deserved Employee of the Month award!

March’s Employee of the Month

Alanna Paule is March's Employee of the Month! Alanna is March's employee of the month! She has grown exceptionally since she began with ABC almost 2 years ago. Alanna is hard-working, positive, and dedicated to improving the quality of service she provides to her clients. She communicates to both her team managers and client families consistently. Additionally, she does a wonderful job implementing behavior intervention plans and applying the principle of CPI when needed. Overall, ABC is lucky to have Alanna as an RBT!